Origin: China, Thailand
Hardness: 9
Colour: blue

Proberty and effect:
Stone of wisdom, against learning difficulties in older adulthood, brings an unshakable inner peace, brings prosperity, against intestinal and brain disorders, against stuttering, body aches, this stone was worn previously by politicians because it was supposed to prevent disasters.


Origin: Botswana
Hardness: 7
Colour: dark orange

Proberty and effect:
Against scarlet fever, shingles, meningitis, when the gland function is weakened, improves blood low in the heart, improves your hearing.

Sardonyx (Agate):

Origin: India
Hardness: 7
Colour: white/brown/black

Proberty and effect:
Improves constipation, strengthens the sense organs, against forgetfulness, to treat ear pain and tinnitus, prevents disease relapses.

Selenite (Mary's Glass):

Origin: Sizilia, Mexico
Hardness: 2
Colour: white/shimmering

Proberty and effect:
Thrombosis and phlebitis, relieves nausea during pregnancy, reassuring, against pneumonia, Parkinson's disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, neutralizes mercury poisoning as a result of amalgam fillings in your teeth.


Origin: USA (Utah)
Hardness: 3
Colour: yellow, brown

Proberty and effect:
Protects against calcification, acidosis, stimulates brain activity, promotes memory.


Origin: Kazakhstan, South Tyrol, Switzerland
Hardness: 2,5
Colour: green/by wearing black

Proberty and effect:
Helps best for mental problems, activates the spinal cord and can relieve muscle tension up high in the neck, supports diets.

Serpentine (Antigorite):

Origin: Norway, China
Hardness: 3-4
Colour: green, brown

Proberty and effect:
Against acidosis and muscle cramps, helps against diabetes, against stress, good for choleric persons, reinforces desire for peace, take it with you when travelling in tropical areas (against malaria and diarrhoeal diseases).

Shiva Lingam (Sandstone):

Origin: India (from the Ganges)
Hardness: 5
Colour: red-gray

Proberty and effect:
The elongated oval shape symbolizes male energy, the red one symbolizes female energy, useful for infertility, strengthens relationships, promotes the development of the mind.


Origin: Greece, Italy, Mexico
Hardness: 4-4,5
Colour: lavender-green

Proberty and effect:
Has a positive effect on alcoholism, makes blood vessels and muscles elastic, facilitates delivery, Smithsonite stands for peace, grace, kindness and positive results, ideal for people who had a difficult childhood and feel unloved and unwanted.

Smoky Quartz:

Origin: Brazil
Hardness: 7
Colour: shiny gray

Proberty and effect:
Against connective tissue, lowers weight, to overcome grief, helpful for addictions of all kinds, for pain and colic, useful for radiation damages (chemotherapy).

Snakes Agate:

Origin: Peru
Hardness: 6
Colour: gray

Proberty and effect:
Cleans open wounds, supports maternal instinct, stimulates milk flow.

Snow Quartz (Milk Quarzt or White Quartz):

Origin: Brazil
Hardness: 8
Colour: white/milky

Proberty and effect:
Supports the respiratory centre, against high cholesterol, general weakness, electromagnetic pollution, is actually a Rock Crystal that contains foreign material.

Snowflake Obsidian:

Origin: USA
Hardness: 5,5
Colour: black/gray dotted

Proberty and effect:
Learning, stone for athletes, spine, bones, ligaments, muscles, inner ear, against herpes, cold hands - feet, in the Stone Age it was used to produce arrowheads and tools.

Sodalite (Almonit):

Origin: Namibia, North America
Hardness: 5,4
Colour: blue/white

Proberty and effect:
Stone of travellers, tonic, strengthens the larynx, for hoarseness, regulatory effect on glands, is an ideal foundation for teamwork and strengthes against criticism, helpful for neck larynx and vocal cords, especially good for loss of voice.

Sphalerite (Spahlerit):

Origin: Europe
Hardness: 3,5
Colour: metallic

Proberty and effect:
Erotic effect, solves sexual tension, strengthens the memory, for restlessness in the legs, gives restful sleep.


Origin: USA, Birma
Hardness: 8
Colour: red, green, black, blue, white

Proberty and effect:
Revives numb limbs, muscular ligament, neuralgia, cleanses vessels, intestines and skin.

Star Agate (Stone Amulet):

Origin: Australia (Donnerei)
Hardness: 7
Colour: yellow/black

Proberty and effect:
Good for the brain, mental stabilization, strengthens concentration, supports people suffering from Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, for problems in falling asleep, against dehydration of the skin, against lack of emotional warmth.

Staurolite (Cross Stone):

Origin: France, Urals, Scotland
Hardness: 7,5
Colour: brown

Proberty and effect:
For headaches, relieves drowsiness, helps to be realistic, is used during schizophrenia, delusions, delusions of grandeur and other forms of mental illness.

Steatite (Soapstone):

Origin: Fichtl Mountains, Saxony, Scandinavia
Hardness: 1
Origin: yellow, brown

Proberty and effect:
Against underarm wetness, sweaty feet, sweaty palms, for sun allergy, itching, very soft, can be used for figurines and tableware.


Origin: Tasmania, Australia
Hardness: 1,5
Colour: blackberry/black

Proberty and effect:
Against teeth grinding, nerve pain, stimulates awareness and positive behaviour in children, improves the elasticity of the skin during pregnancy.

Sugilite (Luvulith):

Origin: Japan, South America
Hardness: 5-6
Colour: purple/black

Proberty and effect:
Helps to fight addictions, relieves strong pain, acts against neurosis, strengthens the will to survive, against dyslexia and motor disorders, contains manganese and is therefore very good for headaches.


Origin: Sibira, Spain, Sicily
Hardness: 2
Colour: yellow

Proberty and effect:
For capricious sense, promotes detoxification, recommended for fever and infections, powdered Sulphur can be used for fumigating insects (wear a mask when doing so), as a bath additive sulphur reduces painful swellings.

Sun Stone (Heliolith):

Origin: Norway, India
Hardness: 6,5
Colour: yellow/orange

Proberty and effect:
Against inflammation of the bowel wall, diarrhoea, bloating, eczema, peace of mind, clear skin, strengthens muscles, stimulating the self healing, good for chronic sore throats and stomach ulcers.

Tanzanite (Zoisite):

Origin: Tansania
Hardness: 7
Colour: blue

Proberty and effect:
Against tonsillitis, hoarseness, ear pain, head cancer, depression, sadness, comforts during despair, is often confused with the Sapphire.


Origin: Far East, Philippines, Polynesia
Hardness: 5,5 - 6
Colour: black, dark brown

Proberty and effect:
Helps to relieve from fears about the future, accelerates healing, helps during exposure to radiation and infectious diseases, acts fever lowering, improves communication; Tektite is a meteorite, and therefore only available in specialist shops.

Tiger Eye (Quartz of Schiller):

Herkunft: South Africa
Hardness: 7
Farbe: brown/ shiny

Proberty and effect:
Against headaches, epilepsy, paranoia, supports willingness to learn among children, helps to collect ideas, has a warming effect on the body, it supports the ability to see during the night.

Tiger Iron:

Origin: Australia
Hardness: 7
Colour: yellow/brown/silver

Proberty and effect:
Increases memory capacity, gives energy, improves concentration, against gallstones, helpful for iron deficiency.

Tourmaline Black (Schorl):

Origin: Pakistan
Colour: black

Proberty and effect:
Protects against radiation (mobile phone), against back and ear pain, relieves stress, most powerful protection stone, the stone has its own energy so cleaning is not necessary.

Tourmaline blue (Indicolite):

Origin: USA, West Asutralia, Sri Lanka
Hardness: 7–7,5
Colour: light blue to blue-green

Proberty and effect:
It supports the lungs and the immune system as well as the brain, is used for chronic neck pain, against insomnia and night sweats, for nasal sinus infections and bacterial infections, helps burns to heal better.

Tourmaline Brown (Dravite):

Origin: Brazil, USA
Hardness: 7
Colour: brown

Proberty and effect:
Cleaning stone, to relieve meningitis, strengthens the trachea, promotes excretion of urine, helpful for burns.

Tourmaline Green (Verdelite):

Origin: Afganistan, Brazil
Hardness: 7-7,9
Colour: green

Proberty and effect:
For hyperactive children, helpful for constipation, alleviates claustrophobia, promotes weight loss, promotes the interest for other people and the environment.

Tourmaline Red (Rubelith):

Origin: USA
Hardness: 7
Colour: pink/red

Proberty and effect:
Enhances the understanding of love, for diseases of the lungs and skin, is used for infertility, arteriosclerosis.

Tree Agate:

Origin: Brazil, India
Hardness: 7
Colour: green/white

Proberty and effect:
Helps against frequent infections, supports metabolic processes, inner peace, bladder, blood vessel constriction, helps understanding the actions and thoughts of children.


Origin: Norway, Australia
Hardness: 6,2
Colour: red

Proberty and effect:
Relieves stress in school, strengthens the abdomen and genitals, against diseases of the ovaries, prevents fainting when you feel weak, for lack of white blood cells, for low blood pressure, people who suffer from lack of love feel attracted to Tulith.

Turquoise (Sinai Stone):

Origin: Iran, Afghanistan, Peru, USA
Hardness: 6
Colour: turquoise

Proberty and effect:
Promotes the uptake of nutrients against cataracts, gout, rheumatism, stomach problems, antispasmodic, against bleeding gums, food craving, excessive acidity, protective stone for horsemen and the aircrew.