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Your professional trader for minerals, healing stones, gemstones, water stones, crystals and stone jewellery.

Stones can have an incredible influence. They heal, give power and cannot only be used for the building of houses. The Steinreich-GmbH knows the manifold effects of stones and offers you therefore a high quality within our wide range of products.

In our huge range of goods you can find minerals, healing stones, gemstones, water stones, stone jewellery and crystals. They all have high quality, what we are known for. We accept no compromise concerning the selection of our products.

We guarantee highest quality and respect the individual design possibilities, that the nature gives our stones. Therefore, you cannot find mass-merchandises, but stones with natural beauty.

The Steinreich-GmbH was founded based on passion for stones. So you can always rely on a competent advice. Questions concerning the single stones and their supposed effects were answered as good as possible on the corresponding websites of the products. If there remain open questions, we are looking forward your contacting.

We invite you to enter the world of stones. On the following product sites you can find detailed information about minerals, healing stones, gemstones, water stones and crystals. Please be always aware, that these information cannot replace medical advice in the case of health complaints!

Our range of stone jewellery was constituted with care. All products of stone jewellery fulfil the demand of high quality, beauty and effect.

Give yourself time while looking at the following sites and be surprised because of the variety of minerals from all over the world. The team of the Steinreich-GmbH will be happy to advise you if you have any further questions.